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Catalina 30 - Fleet 8 - Long Beach, California

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From Dale Thompson, All Catalina Fleet 24, San Pedro
I was a Cat 30 (True Luff) owner for over 18 years and raced the boat successfully.  One of the sails used in the over-nighters was a Dazy.  If your not familiar with a Dazy it is a wind seeker that gets the boat going when the wind is almost non existant. This sail has helped me round Catalina at night in the Dana Point Race many times. 
I sold the 30 and now have a Cat34 but the sail is too small and I think it needs a new home.  It is a 3/4 oz. Nylon sail with dimensions:  Wire luff 39 ft. and 15. foot and leach 32 ft.  It's in good shape and an excellent sail for ultra light air when you don't want to motor.  It is also is usable as a stay-sail with a spinnaker.
If you race it is a need addition to your sail inventory.
I think it's worth $275  call me and see it in San Pedro  310 519 9119
Dale Thompson  All-Cat Fleet 24  at CBYC

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