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Catalina 30 - Fleet 8 - Long Beach, California

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Magnetic Course & Nautical Miles
For reference only - not for use as navigation

West End
N 33.29.00
W 118.37.00
N 33.26.50
W 118.29.75
Long Point
N 33.24.35
W 118.21.92
N 33.20.83
W 118.19.42
East End
N 33.17.80
W 118.18.60
N 33.57.50
W 118.28.00
181 / 001
30 NM
163 / 348
30 NM
L.A. Buoy
N 33.42.00
W 118.23.80
221 / 041
23 NM
204 / 024
20 NM
184 / 004
19 NM
175 / 355
22 NM
172 / 352
24 NM
L.B. Buoy
N 33.42.10
W 118.11.00
222 / 042
26 NM
209 / 029
22 NM
192 / 012
21 NM
183 / 003
23 NM
179 / 359
25 NM
N 33.35.10
W 117.52.60
247 / 067
37 NM
241 / 061
32 NM
232 / 052
27 NM
222 / 042
26.7 NM
218 / 038
27.8 NM
Dana Pt.
N 33.26.80
W 117.41.50
258 / 078
45 NM
256 / 076
39 NM
251 / 071
34 NM
244 / 064
31 NM
241 / 061
32.5 NM
N 33.12.10
W 117.24.50
271 / 091
58 NM
270 / 090
51 NM
268 / 088
47 NM
264 / 084
45.8 NM
Pt. Loma
N 32.39.80
W 117.14.50
296 / 114
68 NM
294 / 114
68 NM
292 / 112
66 NM

Some of the most fun Maria and I have is watching people try to pick up moorings in Avalon Harbor.  As a resident of Avalon and a non mooring owner I am tasked with moving "Mi Maria" several times during the year.  Most of the time this is done by myself.  I also move other peoples boats if they are not on the Island to do so.  The main problem I see is SPEED.  Most boats travel at a speed to fast to safely stop in the harbor and they trust reverse to slow them down.  Here are some suggestions I have for picking up moorings on Catalina Island.
When travelling down the fairway approaching your mooring do so at a speed to maintain steering.  I am normally in gear with very little throttle.  About one mooring prior to turning to the assigned mooring I shift out of gear  and I try to approach the mooring at a slight angle.  As I am coasting toward the mooring wand I am maintaining just enough speed to maintain steerage.  As I get closer I slowly walk up the port side of the vessel and I grab the mooring wand.  I quickly attach the bow hawser (the yellow line with a loop) to the port side bow cleat.  I then walk to the back of the vessel with the spreader line (a white line attached to the bow hawser).  It is a good idea to wear gloves when doing this and do not slide the line in your hands.  Move then line hand over hand.  It is important to get the bow hawser on quickly and to get to the rear of the boat safely and quick.  As you are doing this the boat may start to become sideways.  To keep this from happening pull the spreader line from the rear of the boat and attach the Stern Hawser to a stearn cleat.  By pulling the spreader line from the stearn of your vessel (I see to many people standing on the bow pulling to spreader line to straighten out their vessel) you will use leverage to easily set both hawser lines.  
Remember, the tide will effect your mooring. Lines will need to be adjusted periodically to take up slack or to be let out.
Please read the instructions on the back or your reciept prior to picking up a mooring.   If you need help the Harbor Patrol will help you.         

All moorings are on a first-come first-serve basis.  Upon Arrival, please stand by at the harbor entrance for mooring assignment from a patrol boat.  No mooring work is done over VHF
On the day of departure, moorings must be vacated by 9:00 AM
AVALON IS A NO DISCHARGE AREA.  No sewage may be discharged whether treated on untreated.  This law is strickly enforced.
Service boats will make daily trash pick-ups free of charge twice daily during the summer months and on weekends in the winter months.  Plastic trash bags my be obtained from the service boat or Harbor Master's office.
To ensure a peaceful coexistence, all generators must be secured at 10:00 PM nightly and not be started before 7:00 AM.
The mooring you are assigned is not guaranteed.  You may have to relocated daily.  If you are required to relocate, a patrol boat will contact you between 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM the day you are required to move.
It is illegal to leave Avalon and your vessel unattended.
Anchorage is located west of the red jetty light. You must anchor at least 300 feet away from any dive park or mooring can.  Plan on a depth of 80 to 100 feet.  This area is not patrolled and you anchor at your own risk.
Water on the island is precious and conservation will be appreciated.
All floats, with exception of the Shore-boat Float, may be used for loading and unloading.  Time on a float is limited to 10 minutes.  No vessel may be left on a float unattended.
There is a fine for an opened container of alcohol on the streets of Avalon.  This includes the Pier and Floats.