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Catalina 30 - Fleet 8 - Long Beach, California

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To start with, I would like to say a big "I am sorry" to the fleet.  These last few months have found Maria and I moving off of Catalina Island and back to the mainland.  I have transferred from Avalon and now work in the South Los Angeles area.  At the same time Maria had some surgery and has recooperated at home.  The surgery was minor but there was an infection scare.  To make thing worse for the last few weeks I have been having a hard time logging onto the website so I could update it.  I have spent a lot of time trying to get a slip on the Long Beach area and I recently found one in Wilmington.  Mi Maria will be in the area soon. 
Spring is here and it is time to start using our boats.  Our annual spring cruise to Avalon is coming up, May 19 thru 21.  This is a reservation required event.  As usual I will get a list of attending boats to the harbormaster so we can get a parking spot.  Dinner once again will be at the world famous Casino Dock Cafe' with Pedro and his staff making a taco bar.  On Saturday, before dinner, there will be a minaure golf tournament at he Avalon golf gardens.
June begins our once a month Friday meetings at the Seal Beach Yacht Club.  Before the meetings will be a bbq at the club.  I am open to topics.  These meetings will be once a month from June to September.  Also in June I would like to get a Saturday raft-up behind one of the oil islands. 
If we do not have cruises planned in July and  August, maybe we could continue with the raft-ups. 
October brings us our annual cruise to Two Harbors, the date is TBA.
I would like to welcome new members Bob and Patricia Lee Gardner.  I met them on the dock by Nates boat, they are new to sailing and they purchased the best boat to learn on.  Lets all pull together and help them with their sailing plans.
Thats it for now so sail safe and see you all soon. 
Support your fleet, attend fleet functions and fly your Fleet 8 burgee.   
Captain Danny

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